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Many Sudoku players use a computer program to assist them in solving these puzzles. If you are looking for such a program, you can find several of them in this list. The most popular programs are described in detail on a separate page. This information is not yet complete. Feel free to complete it if you are an experienced user.

Sudoku Programs

Programs for Ordinary Sudoku

These programs focus on ordinary Sudoku, and may also support Sudoku Variants.

Simple Sudoku
A popular program, easy to use. Generator, helper and solver. Only a limited set of solving techniques have been implemented. Windows only.
Sudoku Susser
Powerful helper and solver, available for Mac-OS, Windows and Linux.
Powerful user configurable solver, helper with several tools, generator. Supports Sudoku-X, Windoku and Disjoint Groups variants. Windows only.
Sudoku Assistenten
A powerful PC based solver, analyzer and generator.
Sudoku Explainer
A Java solver, analyzer and generator. The most advanced solving techniques that are implemented are heavy on Forcing Chains and Forcing Nets.
A fast, open source command line Sudoku solver for ordinary Sudokus.
Simple solver, helper and generator. Very easy to use, Windows version only.
A solver, helper and generator for Palm OS.
SadMan Sudoku
A solver, helper and generator for Windows.

[SudokuSolver] A free, open source application for solving and generating sudoku puzzles for 4x4 up to 49x49 boards. Windows only, still under heavy development.

[Pure Sudoku] A free, popular sudoku game. The website also includes printable sudoku puzzles and deluxe version of the game.

Programs for Sudoku Variants

These programs focus on one or more of the Sudoku Variants, and may also support ordinary Sudoku.

A Java generator, helper and solver. The focus of this solver is Killer Sudokus, although ordinary Sudoku is also supported.
A helper and solver for the Killer and Jigsaw variants. Windows only.
Perfect Sudoku
A helper and solver for the Killer variant. Windows only.
Cross Plus A
A powerful solver for many variants: Killer, Samurai, Flower Sudoku, Sudoku-X, Jigsaw, Greater Than, Consecutive Sudoku, Even-Odd, Sukaku. A generator for Greater Than and Even-Odd Sudoku. Windows only.

Online Sudoku Solvers

The Sudoku Websites page contains a list of online sudoku solvers.

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